The ‘digital age’ (or information age) refers to an era characterised by the shift from traditional media to a prolific use of digital technologies in almost all aspects of human life (IGI Global, 2019.). This widespread use of digital technologies has changed the way we live, and in turn the way we work. In order to grow professionally (or to merely be considered employable), the workplace requires that professionals have a set of digital competencies that not only allows them to survive the workplace, but thrive in it. This ‘digital competencies’ list was developed to ensure that all individuals (not just professionals) understand which skills are required in a digital age, but to help educational institutions to build a learning experience which explores and encourages digital skills improvement.

This eBook re-imagines a future learning ecosystem. This digital learning ecosystem is one which diagnoses what’s missing in digital skills and competencies, then builds a personalised learning journey to solve them.

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The book is divided into three sections: The first section explores a re-imagined future learning ecosystem that identifies gaps in digital skills and provides personalised learning paths to address each. The second section presents and depicts this re-imagined future learning ecosystem. The third and final section identifies the two exemplars used to develop this re-imagined future learning ecosystem and explains how they survey can be used to tackle both 21st century learning and helping learners improve digital competencies in a digital age.

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